June 4, 2011

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Titanium iPhone 4 Case

Not your average iPhone 4 case, this one is crafted from a single piece of titanium. At $119.95, ” Snow Peak’s simple iPhone 4 case is made in Japan, pressed from a single piece of titanium to protect your device without ever feeling like it’s being weighed down.”

We’re talking a weight of just 0.6oz! Rubber protectors on the inside prevent the iPhone 4 from getting scratched while it’s inside (there is metal on metal contact after all) and the case is expected to be available sometime this month.


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  • http://www.marware.com/iphone-cases/iphone-4-cases Case for iPhone 4

    even tho it’s titanium, and that’s supposed to be one of hardest metals known to man; it says right on the packaging that this case isn’t made for protecting the iphone. Cool looking tho!