September 3, 2010

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iPhone 3G iOS 4.0 vs iOS 4.1 Speed Test

In this Lifehacker conducted test, “the iPhone 3G battles itself in an epic speed test to find out if Apple’s claims are true: Is iOS 4.1 faster than 4.0, or is it just a wash?” Continue reading for the video.

The video demonstrates the results, but here they are in all their glory:

* Messages: iOS 4.1 Wins (By a Little)
* Maps: iOS 4.1 Wins (By a Lot)
* Photos: iOS 4.1 Wins (Just Barely)
* Safari: iOS 4.1 Wins (Just Barely)

While the speed advantages ranged from marginal to significant, iOS 4.1 clearly outperformed iOS 4.0.



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