August 5, 2011

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Feltone: The Innovative Window Blinds That Absorb Sound

Japan-based Tokyo Blinds, have developed “a blind that can absorb sound and push down power noise by up to 60%.” Once caveat: a 2m x 2m blind is priced at a whopping $1500USD. Video after the break.

Since 2009, Tokyo Blinds has been marketing the blind to home theater owners, companies (for meeting rooms, server rooms etc.), families with children, etc.



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  • Anonymous

    Sounds good but they seem to forget something and that is that the thin felt will only absorb the highest of frequencies. As a result, the acoustics of the room will be even worse than before – absorbing only the highest frequencies but leaving everything else.
    Human voice concists of frequencies between 250 to 3000 Hz and the most energy is in the lower part of that range. Those blindes does not have a chance to effectively absorb the lower part and what happens is that most of the echoes will reamain, apart from the higher frequencies, leaving you with an even odder acoustic environement.
    When absorbing sound (voice, music and so on) it is extremely important to do this evenly throughout the frequencies, using real sound absorbers and not putting them up on a whole wall but sparsely and where it does the most effect. Look at the Skype spin-off Sounds Of Science: for a good example.
    Thus big areas with this kind of blindes is not a good solution, for many reasons.