March 12, 2011

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Earthquake Video from Japan Shows Buildings Swaying

Any earthquake that is magnitude 6.0 or greater can cause great damage, but the 8.9-magnitude monster that hit Japan was a devastating sight to behold, and it shows in this incredible video. Fortunately, these buildings seems to have made it out unscathed, aside from a few small fires and broken windows. Continue reading to watch.

It’s eerie to watch, but even eerier to imagine being inside, watching the world move around you and realizing that you’re hundreds of feet above the ground in a tower. At the same time, we haven’t heard of any of them coming down — fires and damage, yes — which in itself is pretty amazing.



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  • Frank

    Japanese people are great architects as their buildings could endure such incredible 8.9-point earthquake. From I downloaded video, which shows that buildins in Japan are much more reliable than all ovaer the world! We believe the Japanese people will survive in such difficult times and express to Japanese our condolences and wish much patience and good luck. God bless you!