March 19, 2010

Posted in: Computers

CD Spindle Case Bagel Holder

What better way to make use of an empty CD spindle case than by sticking a bagel in there for safe transportation? That is exactly what this person did, and quite beautifully as you can see in the stunning photograph above.

There’s no soldering required, just pure ingenuity. Not only does it keep you from using a bunch of disposable plastic sandwich bags, it keeps you from throwing away a plastic CD spindle.


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  • mmmbagel


  • oce

    nice one…

  • KillJoy


  • The Truth

    All plastic is poisonous. Its made from crude oil.. Heating food in the microwave in plastic containers are very dangerous, dispute the containers saying “microwave safe”. Plastics.. ALL plastics.. release cancer causing elements into your food.

    • Guest

      While I can appreciated your concern for the well being of others some of your claims are overly broad.
      There are certainly some types of plastics that are not safe to use in a microwave, namely types 3, 6 and 7. However Types 1 and 2 plastic are safe for both food storage and microwaving. The symbol on the CD spindle picture here show that this is type 5 plastic. Now whether type 4 and 5 plastics are safe for microwave use is currently the subject of ongoing research but they considered safe for temperature stable food storage.

      Also the claim “all plastics release cancer causing elements”, is meaningless without some numbers attached to the amounts. All Bananas emit cancer causing radiation, they just do it in such a low amount that it really does not matter.

    • Trix

      And where did it say that you should HEAT it in the CD spindle?