June 12, 2011

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Robotic Roommates Create Bavarian Breakfast

More than just your standard robots, “James and Rosie were seen together cooking the traditional Weisswurst Frühstück, a Bavarian sausage breakfast.” For those who aren’t familiar with these two bots, “James is a PR2 robot, built by U.S. robotics firm Willow Garage, and it traveled to Germany as part of the PR2 Beta Program, an effort to popularize personal robots; at the Technical University Munich (TUM), James was introduced to Rosie, a dual-arm robot with a curvy figure and four eyes [photo above].” Video after the break.

Their courtship was at first a bit mechanical, but they soon found many things in common: Both run ROS (Robot Operating System), use Hokuyo laser scanners and Kinect 3D sensors, and have omnidirectional mobile bases.



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