December 3, 2010

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Astrum Meera: The High-Tech Tubular Car

Called the Astrum Meera, this high-tech “car has built-in sensors near the exhaust that track the levels of CO2 and alert the driver should they be exceeding normal range; it’s got wheel rims which work with magnetic levitation, making the car fantastically light and fast.”

The mirrors on the sides of the car move down inside the vehicle, hiding when in park, rolling back out when the car starts up (my uncle use to have a car with headlights like this – so sweet!) These same mirrors have built-in cameras that display inside the car, allowing the driver sight without turning their head – especially useful in inclement weather.


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  • David

    Well…isn’t this nice. seems like it would be kind of hard to see out of, but I like how long the window piece is.